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Bringing the Unity back to our community

Power U!recognizes the power ofcommunity collaboration when innovating and promoting lasting change.

From the business world - to Thought Leaders, Changemakers, Schools and Churches.

We're coming together in a spirit of Global Empowerment.

As the world spins into change after change, we want our communities to do more than survive or thrive....

We want to drive the Change.

Learn from Experts

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Power Solutions

We use trauma informed education to solve business problems.

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Peer Power

Peer Support & Trauma Recovery expertise fromCoaches with lived experience .

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Pow'r Youth

Evidenced based leadership development programs for schools & youth agency providers which promote resiliency, mindfulness and improved behavioral health outcomes in students.

Getting More by Giving More

We Educate. We Coach. We Inspire

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Mini Masterclasses

Register for one of our five mini workshops, to dive deeper into Trauma Informed awareness.

Our trainings will strengthen your Leadership teams, and improve employee retention.

Wellness Recovery is not an option, its the difference between good and GREAT! .

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Peers helping peers

Meet peer coaches who will share best practices from the lens of lived experience.

Schedule a group coaching, telehealth or           1:1 Coaching session.

We empower others to empower themselves.

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Inspired Lectures

Immerse yourself in a 360-degree transformational speaking experience!

Be enlightened. Be educated. Be empowered.

Book for your event today!

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